About Us

Connectivity brings us together
Pacific Vaizeds supports the government’s policy destinations of 100% 4G and Internet coverage by 2025. We have the technologies, experience, skillset and proven track record to extend our 4G LTE / 5G network infrastructure and services to at least 60% of the population.


This is what we do best​

Mobile Broadband

Our Telrad cutting edge 4G LTE TDD mobile broadband in Honiara and NFD Noro. Installable anywhere in S.I. with radio backhaul to cable and satellite.

Fast Internet

First company to adopt Internet traffic pricing with Family Plan at SBD$690 per month for 30GB and SBD$10/GB for extras, Unlimited speed.

Customized Solution

We also offer customized internet solutions to suit your needs, whether it be for home use, small businesses or large organizations.

Pacific Vaizeds, established 2019 is a mobile network company providing fast, reliable, affordable broadband Internet connectivity in Solomon Islands using Telrad 4G LTE Innovative Technology.

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