This is what we do

Mobile Broadband

Choice of 4G LTE TDD technology integrated with both fixed and mobile wireless network solution have been determined through research and analysis to suit Honiara with its ridges and valleys landscape, and predominant in most of Solomon Islands.

Customized Solutions

Pacific Vaizeds can deliver customized solutions to suit customer needs such as for SIMA with their cloud-based systems for 46 staff; NFD Noro with minimum 100 Mbps last mile connection.

Fast Internet

Most of Honiara is on 3G while more than 80% of the provinces are on 2G/Edge. We provide minimum 4G LTE speeds for fixed broadband mobile Internet. With volume pricing, average speeds range between 40-50 Mbps Download and 10-30 Mbps Upload.

Radio Communications

Pacific Vaizeds is the CODAN Radio Technologies agent for Solomon Islands so we install and support their systems such as the CODAN HF Envoy X2. Our customers include the airport facilities and the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF).

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